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A solution to avoid Insomnia and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

One of the major challenges these days with the increased usage of the mobile phone is the loss of sleep (insomnia), increased stress, and finally more damages to health and mental wellness. Sleep time is meant for the brain to rejuvenate, organize thoughts and relax.

Our innovative system switches off the audio automatically when a person falls asleep. The same system is also used to provide analytics to the user as in how many hours did he sleep peacefully, how is his body tuned towards listening to music, how long does he need music, under what conditions does he over listen or under listen etc. In this project, I worked on the live sleep data acquisition part.

Team - Aditya, Ikram Shah, Karthikeyan, Subhash, Sriharsha, Shriram Vasudevan

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