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Optimal Fleet Tracking & Management

Using the truck drivers feature phone to enable better visibility of assets in the supply chain.


Sowmiya Nagarajan, Full Stack Engineer

My Role:

UI Developer

Product Designer


A fully functional progressive web application for both truck owners and truck drivers.

Time Period:

June 2019 [1 Month- Part time]

@ CodeGladiators 2019 - India's Biggest Coding Competition



As a majority of the truck drivers in India don't use smartphones during their trips due to safety and security concerns, it's being harder for the truck owner to promise delivery timing in new locations. Especially in long-haul trucks, this is a major issue as the truck drivers will be stopping and asking for routes frequently which will increase the delivery time.


Make navigation more accessible to the truck drivers in their feature phone itself and ease the process of communication between truck drivers/owners, field staff, and the industry managers


Mr. Arjun is a truck driver and Mr. Aarav is the owner of the truck & owns 6 more trucks. Mr. Aarav has attached a GPS device with all his trucks so that he can track in anytime. When the transport contractor wants to know the truck location, the Transport Contractor => Calls Mr. Aarav to know where the truck is and Mr. Aarav has to check the tracking software and inform the transport contractor (or) transporter call Mr. Arjun and asks the location. This reduces the productivity of every stakeholder.

Problem Statement

  1. Owners / Industries facing difficulty in getting updates from field workers (Drivers or Transport Contractors)

  2. Drivers facing difficulty in tier-2 & tier-3 city navigation without smartphone

Proposed Solution

For Truck Drivers

  1. Organized & easy communication with the Truck owner, by knowing the trip details.

  2. Notify Owner & Transporter after reaching Pickup/ Drop location on single click.

  3. Navigate to destination based on their truck size, even in JIO phone on a single click.

  4. Update Payment status/ Signed Bill Copy Status or add remarks and notify Owner/ Transporter

For Truck Owners

  1. Easy management of fleets, transporters & drivers on a single platform

  2. Track payment status with date, to better project cash cycle

  3. Can Analyse on-time trips with accurate location to equip better business

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