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Stay Healthy & Pay Less on your Insurance

Incentivizing healthy lifestyle among the elderly diabetic population in India via offers on insurance premiums

Team - Ikram Shah, Karthikeyan S, Sowmiya N

Mentors -


Problem Statement

India has 77 million diabetes patients, but only 11% of them are covered for diabetes-related ailments. Most of the insurance plans in India explicitly exclude diabetes-related ailments.

On the other hand Insurance companies are burdened by an acute increase in diabetes-related claims.

Proposed Solution

Our app helps older diabetes patients in India track and monitor their blood glucose levels using our low-cost, USB-connected smartphone glucometer. Our app provides the patient with personalized diet and exercise recommendations which helps them keep their diabetes under control.

After recording their blood glucose readings frequently our app calculates a wellness score for the patient based on their average monthly glucose readings.

If a user follows the diet and exercise recommendations by the app his wellness scores will decrease and the user will be rewarded with offers and discounts from our insurance partners.

Healthier you stay more rewards and discounts on your insurance premiums

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